Hot Hors D’oeuvres by the Tray

D’Absolute Hors D’oeuvre trays hold 50 to 52 pieces.


Quiche Savoyard

Mini Quiche stuffed with Gruyere cheese, diced broccoli and diced tomatoes.  $78


Baked Brie Puffs

French Brie cheese with sour cherries & caramelized walnuts served in puff pastry $74


Mini Potatoes

Baby potatoes hand stuffed with roasted garlic mashed potatoes.  $80



Perfect combination of feta cheese with sautéed spinach wrapped in a shallot seasoned golden puff pastry.  $78


Mushroom Caps

Mushroom caps hand stuffed with Asiago cheese and Italian sausage.  $78


Swedish Meatballs

Beef mini- meatballs with signature sauce.  $76


Chicken Skewer

Grilled chicken and Portobello mushrooms topped with a balsamic glaze accompanied by a roasted garlic cream sauce. $78


Coconut Chicken

Sautéed chicken strips topped with the perfect coconut blend served with mango sauce on the side.  $ 78


Gouda Cheese Quesadilla

Chihuahua Cheese & Smoked Gouda Quesadilla served with green tomatillo salsa on the side.  $78


Thai Chicken Skewer

Grilled chicken strips served with spicy peanut sauce $78


Chicken Empanada

Perfect combination of grilled chicken breast, curry and dried cranberries. $84


Beef Fennel

Hickory smoked beef tenderloin served with a perfect blend of leeks and fennel drizzled with a smoked tomato glaze.  $96


Beef Skewer

Sizzling beef tenderloin dipped in our special béarnaise sauce topped with crispy potato chips and shaved parmesan. $96


Mini Beef Wellington

Perfect combination of beef tenderloin, sautéed mushrooms & demi glace. $96


Crab Cakes

Maryland mini crab cakes served with our special jalapeno tartar sauce. $96


Shrimp Scampi

Grilled shrimp in a perfect lemon garlic sauce. $98


Shrimp Diablo

Grilled shrimp in a spicy tomato garlic sauce. $98


Shrimp Tandori

Grilled shrimp in a perfect combination of ginger, jalapeno, paprika and lemon sauce. $98


Scallops with Bacon

Grilled sea scallops wrapped in bacon. $98


Cold Hors D’oeuvres by the tray

D’Absolute Hors D’oeuvre trays hold 50 to 52 pieces


Tomato Bruschetta

Toasted crostini served with a perfect blend of marinated plum tomatoes and Italian seasonings, sprinkled with fresh mozzarella. $76


Caprese Skewer

Delicious assortment of cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and aged balsamic vinagrette. $88


Ahi Tuna

Seared Ahi-Tuna served with Crispy Wonton Chips, Cucumber Relish and Thai Chili Aioli. $120


Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon served on Crostini with Whipped Cream Cheese. $98


Rolled Asparagus

Fresh Asparagus rolled in Shaved Di Parma Prosciutto. $98


Shrimp Cocktail

Chilled fresh shrimp accompanied by our special cocktail sauce.  $98


Torte Formaggio

Whipped blend of chesses layered with artichoke hearts, toasted pine nuts, fresh spinach, sun dried tomatoes and scallions served with toast breads. $88


* All Necessary Disposable Plates, Silverware & Napkins are additional charge
** Add Heating Units for $5.00 each