• Goat Cheese, Dates, Portabella Mushroom In Filo with Berry Balsamic Reduction
• Red Grape Lollipop rolled in Goat Cheese with Basil Orange Pistachio Crust
• Spicy Spoon Tomato Artichoke Bruchetta, Basil, Olive Oil And Asiago Crostini on Top
• Warm Herbed Chevre Cheese Crostini with Marinated Grilled Portabella Mushroom And Balsamic Reduction
• Spaghetti Squash Pepita Cake, Minced Tofu, Olives, Dried Apricots and Pesto Oil Drizzle
• Sun Dried Tomato And Artichoke Hummus, Olive Oil, Toasted Flat Bread, Feta Cheese And Julienne Olives
• Artichoke Bottom Filled With Bulgur Wheat Salad, Cucumber, Pine Nuts, Feta Cheese, Fresh Mint And Fresh Tomato
• Thai Tofu Spring Rolls, Napa Cabbage, Mint, Fresh Basil, Cilantro, Carrot And Tofu
• Medallion Of Polenta With Balsamic Crimini Mushrooms
• Sweet Onion Toasted Walnut Flan In Filo With Gruyere Cheese Nutmeg
• Cherry Tomato Stuffed With Boursin Cheese
• Crispy Curry Lentil Cakes, Chive and Crème Fraiche