Assorted Italian and French Mini Pastries

$52.00 (24pieces)


Mini Cannoli Display

$52.00 (24 pieces)


Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

$75.00 (30 Pieces)


Round Tortes & Cakes

$42.00 (12 slices)
$48.00 (16 slices)

Casanova Cake, Chocolate Torte, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Hazelnut Torte, Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Amaretto Torte, German Chocolate Cake, Cannoli Cake, Tiramisu Cake, Carrot Cake, White Chocolate Mouse Torte, Raspberry Mousse Torte, Grand Marnier Mousse, New York Cheese Cake, Amaretto Cheese Cake, Pecan Royal Cheese Cake


Warm Baked Pie

$26.00 (8 slices)

Apple, Pecan, Pumpkin, Blueberry


Customized Sheet Cake

$60.00 (25 people)
$96.00 (50 people)
$148.00 (90 people)

Chocolate Mousse, Cannoli or French custard filling and your message.


Cookie Tray

$34.00 (16 pieces)
$48.00 (28 pieces)

Assortment of Fresh Baked Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Raisin, Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Macadamia.


Mini Dessert Bars

$38.00 (25 pieces)
$55.00 (50 pieces)

Assortment of Fresh Baked Dessert Bars: Fudge Brownies, Lemon, Caramel, Apple, Raspberry, Pecan.


Fresh Fruit Display

$64.00 (35-50 people)